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What’s buried inside one’s mind reveals the true face of the person and that’s what really matters. We live in a plastic world where everything can be faked with smiles and tears, and one is usually unable to see the real side of the story.

Are you ready for the real life’s moment of truth? Finding the truth that’s absolutely raw to the core and without any sugar coat.

We all are looking for some answers to doubts or feeling of suspicion in our mind. Nurturing and keeping this weed of uncertainty will eventually corrupt the whole system. And, it’s absolutely not the healthy way to live.

How can Jack Trimarco help?

Jack Trimarco isa professional polygraph examiner with experience gained overmore than two and half decades. He has successfully conducted over 3,500 tests that are 100% unbiased by following proper standards for length of time, technique, question formulation, comparison question setting and all the other protocols required for an excellent polygraph exam.

Jack Trimarcousesthe latest top-notch scientific equipment, like LX4000 computer polygraph system. Itconsolidates and analyzes even the slightest psychological change that occurs during the polygraph test. It then becomes extremely difficult to hide the truthby confusing it with a lie. Hence, the truth delivered.

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Jack Trimarco: Bringing Truth tothe Table

Jack Trimarcoworked for 21 years as a Special Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). During his employment he successfully participated in multiple significant cases like Oklahoma City Bombing, Cordoba vs. the United States, a high-profile professional tennis referee murder case, the "Unabomber" investigation and many more.

He has professional certification from The American Polygraph Association, The California Polygraph Examiners, National Association of Legal Investigation (NALI) and other professional organizations. He received the prestigious National Holly Canty Memorial Awardin 2010 from the American Association of Police Polygraphists and the Distinguished Service Award in 2013 and 2014.

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