Jack Trimarco Polygraph Services


Jack Trimarco is an internationally known, highly experienced and respected expert polygraph examiner, also known as a forensic psycho-physiologist. Moreover, Jack’s unique background in interviews and interrogations has trained thousands of F.B.I. Agents, Police Officer’s, Detectives, District Attorney’s Investigators, Arson Investigators, and Special Agents across the county.

Dr. Phil Show - Fox News – The O’Reilly Factor – Catherine Cryer – CNN – Today Show – Hannity & Combs – Oprah – The Morning Show – Today Show – and over one hundred other expert appearances.

Fake Out™, contestants use wit and skill to trick their opponents about who they are and what they know, while their competitors use a combination of lie detection techniques and instincts to determine if their opponents are lying or telling the truth. During the competition contestants are interrogated, evaluated and ultimately dismissed by Jack Trimarco. In the “Final Fake Out™,” the winner of the three preliminary rounds will face off with Mr. Trimarco for a chance to win $20,000.

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