Jack Trimarco Polygraph Services

Polygraph Exam: The Opportunity for Unearthing Truth with Jack Trimarco Polygraph Services

“Polygraph examination”often referred to as “lie detector test” uses specialized technology to measure and simultaneously record specific physiological changes, while the subject is asked set of relevant questions. Lie detector tests arewell-known cultural icon, used in everything from high-profile investigations to routine business security screenings. For many people, lie detector exams are something affiliated withprivate investigation agencies, or on TV or in the movies, to uncover the truth. However, professional polygraph servicesare available to assist anyone who needs to findthe truth of almost situation.

These areas are where polygraph servicescan be used:

Are you anxious about the thought of “Am I being lied to?” No need to worry. Jack Trimarco polygraph Services will discover the truth with their expertise and high professional standards.

How do these lie detector tests reveal the truth? Jack Trimarco, an experienced polygraph examiner with more than 25 years of experience, uses the LX4000 computer polygraph system to measure, record, store and analyze physiological changes during a polygraph examination.Jack Trimarco Polygraph Services follows the highestprofessional standards for question formulation, recording techniques and other examination protocols while conducting the polygraph exam.

Jack Trimarcohas an elite background in interrogation and criminal profiling. He has worked with and trained F.B.I. agents, detectives, special agents and other law enforcement professional across the country. He can apply all his skills to get the truth thru a lie detector test.